~Forever Friends~ english version

When the first time we meet you at Beijing in the sun

When we leave you under the rain, our love will still remain

Let us break the time and space

Let us change the night and days

Till we meet, we gather again


Every day and moment we are thinking all of you

Every night you are in my dream, together in Beijing

Though we live in different place

Though we speak in different ways

It’s ok, we all are best friends


*We can not tie the weather, summer or winter

Nothing really matter, friendship forever

Memories, you and me, these all are destiny

Spread our wings, to become legend


Remember all things happened during seven days

We can find no worry, only sing and play

No more fear, no more tear, no more cry till we die

Deep inside, never say goodbye

Keep our faith, till the end of time *


Repeat *


Even though watching the plane took off would make you cry

We are friends now and forever

Till death do us apart

My love is true

My friend is you

Zhong Yuan Bao will always deepen in my heart

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2 Responses to ~Forever Friends~ english version

  1. Tina 說道:


  2. Michelle 說道:

    WA… 你被貼了..想知發生咩事? 快d去我個space睇睇la..yeah



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